Beaches on the island of Pag

by | 4 Mar, 2021

The most beautiful beaches on the island of Pag

Once you get to know the island of Pag better, you will come to love its seemingly rough landscape, which assumes a number of different forms throughout the island. As you watch the shapes, shades and textures change on your drive through the island, you will likely come to the conclusion that the most beautiful places on Pag are the ones that at first seem empty. It is therefore not surprising that Pag boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

Bare beaches

Spectacular beaches without a shred of greenery – such as Ručica, Čista, Dražica or Prnjica – boast an almost out-of-this-world beauty. The combination of just two colors – gray pebbles or sand and the blue sea – creates a powerful contrast which inspires a sense of reverence for nature. Some of these beaches are not completely deserted, but have beach bars that can offer you some shade and refreshments.

Hidden beaches on the island of Pag

As Pag is one of the most indented Croatian islands, its many bays hide some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The ideal way to explore them is to rent a boat and set out in search of your very own piece of coast. There are, for instance, some beautiful secluded beaches between Jakišnica and Lun, and they can be reached by dirt roads. Another impressive beach is the pebble beach of Malin at the so-called Gate of Pag, but it can only be reached by a ship or boat.

Zrće Festival Beach

The first thing that comes to people’s mind when someone mentions the beaches on Pag is usually the most famous beach of all – the Zrće Beach – where a number of festivals and beach parties often take place. The Zrće Beach is located in Novalja, and it is the perfect destination for all those wishing to party on their vacation.

Beaches for children on the island of Pag

As Pag mostly boasts pebble and sand beaches, a number of beaches on the island are quite suitable for the little ones. Such beaches have wide shallows where children can play carefree, and which also make the sea a pleasant temperature. Some of these beaches have no natural shade, so make sure to bring your parasols or beach tents! Two very popular sand beaches are the Caska Beach in Novalja and the Prosika Beach near the center of the town of Pag.

Campsites on the island of Pag are equipped with many amenities for children, and most of them also offer daily tickets for those who are not guests of the campsite. For instance, the Straško Campsite and the Šimuni Campsite have a number of playgrounds for different age groups, as well as swimming pools, slides and other amenities, and they also offer the possibility to rent water sports equipment.