5 things the island of Pag is famous for

by | 4 Mar, 2021

1. Cheese

The most famous gastronomic delicacy of the island of Pag is its cheese, whose uniqueness lies in the diet of local sheep, which graze vegetation sprinkled with salt carried by the Velebit bora, the north-eastern wind typical for the area. That gives their milk a characteristic taste and smell. Ripened Pag cheese has a specific hardness and saltiness, a spicy taste, a characteristic aroma and a unique texture – it simply melts in your mouth! This cheese bears the label of an original Croatian product – as soon as you try it, you won’t want to leave Pag without at least one wheel!

2. Stone

Even tough stone would present a disadvantage for some, the people of Pag have managed to turn it to their advantage. Thanks to the hard work of diligent locals, rough stone, the main feature of the island of Pag, has led to the emergence of a profitable industry – the Pag stone is nowadays known far and wide and is used in a variety of ways.

3. Lace

Pag lace is unique not only because of its exceptionally beautiful patterns, quality, and the way it is made, but also because of its long tradition. The oldest records of it date back to the 15th century, when the monastery of the Benedictine Sisters is also mentioned. The skill of lace-making was passed down from generation to generation, without the use of any templates or drafts.

An interesting fact is that Empress Maria Theresa also had a Pag lacemaker who made lace for the Viennese court. Today, Pag lace is part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. When you visit the Rector’s Palace, make sure to also stop by the Pag Lace Gallery!

4. Salt

Pag salt boasts a long tradition of production, as well as an extremely high quality recognized throughout the world. This salt was the first one in Croatia to receive a protected designation of origin thanks to the clean sea of the Pag Bay and its high purity with no heavy metals.

In addition, salt depots (warehouses) are protected monuments of Pag’s industrial architecture. In one of them (Ferdinand), the visitors can see a permanent exhibition dedicated to salt making. We also recommend you to visit the Pag Salt Pan, which attracts many tourists as the old drying production process can still be seen there.

5. Lamb

Pag lamb is a delicacy known far and wide for its specific taste that reflects the conditions under which the local sheep live, as well as what they eat. Here, on the karst and rocky ground of Pag, they graze grass, wild plants and medicinal herbs with a high concentration of salt, and that is why their meat has such a special taste.