About Pag

by | 4 Mar, 2021

Tour of the island – what to visit on Pag?

When you first see the island of Pag, especially if you arrive by ferry or by car, you will experience a mix of emotions. Along with the excitement of starting your vacation and the joy that comes with the uncertainty of discovering something new, some slight uneasiness will also likely sneak up on you. Pag is an island whose east coast shocks with its rough landscape, so when they first see it, most people ask themselves: “Hey, is there actually anything on this island?”

An island of fascinating austere beauty

Once the other side of the island comes into view, you will realize that Pag has much more to offer than it seems at first glance! The sights of Pag will sweep you off your feet and make you fall in love with the entire island. However, in order for it to reveal all of its charms to you, you first have to get to know it well!

A walk through the town of Pag

The town of Pag was founded in its current location in the 15th century, and its urban plan was designed by the famous Croatian architect Juraj Dalmatinac. Until the middle of the 19th century, the town was surrounded by walls and defense towers. The town gate (Porta Marina) and one of the town’s 9 towers (the Skrivanat Tower) have been preserved to this day. In the summer period, a number of events take place in that very tower.

Given its long history, it is not surprising that Pag abounds in cultural, historical and artistic sights. The Congregational Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Benedictine Monastery and the Church of St. George, the patron saint of the town and the island of Pag, are among the most important sights of the island. The Rector’s Palace, located on the main town square, was once the seat of the town and island government, while today it is where different events, such as the Pag Cultural Summer and a number of plays and exhibitions take place. Other interesting attractions include the Salt Museum and the Lace Museum, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Gastro tours on Pag

There are many places on Pag that can offer you unique gastronomic experiences! As Pag lamb is known all around the world, don’t miss the opportunity to try it out! If you are a cheese lover, be sure to visit the Gligora Cheese Factory, where you can learn the story of Pag cheese and, of course, try it out!

We also recommend you to visit the salt pan in Pag. There, you will have the opportunity to see huge salt pools used in the production process of Pag salt, one of the highest quality sea salts in Croatia. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the olive groves in Lun as well – in addition to their 80,000 regular olive trees, they even boast one that is more than a thousand years old!

Climb to the highest peak of the island of Pag

The highest peak of the island of Pag is Sv. Vid (342 m), and it can be reached from either side of the hill. The peak is located in the northwestern part of the island, and the easiest way to reach it is from Dubrava. The ascent is not particularly difficult, so even those who are in slightly worse shape will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the Pag Bay from the top!

Ornithological Reserve of Kolansko Blato

An interesting contrast to the landscape of Pag is provided by Kolansko Blato, a wetland area formed during the last ice age, 13 thousand years ago. Kolansko Blato is one of the last wetlands of its kind in Europe, and its 535 hectares are home to a diverse variety of species of flora and fauna. As over 163 endemic species of fish, reptiles, and birds live there, it is not surprising that this wetland area is quite popular with bird watchers.

An island full of hidden gems

Pag boasts a rich culture and history and embodies the story of its hardworking and persistent locals. It is full of special and somewhat different natural beauties, which is why people often compare it to the surface of the Moon. Take your time to explore this unique island, as its beauty lies mostly in its seemingly monotonous rocky landscape!